Snacks Theme Shop

Meet one of Big Cartel's design templates, a little theme we call Snacks. It's free, easy to customize, and pretty tasty if we may say so.

A focus on mobile

These days, over 50% of shop sales are coming from people shopping on phones. We wanted a theme that had a lot of personality on small screens.

Streamlined navigation

With Snacks, your categories are a filter on the products page. That means that instead of individual category pages, customers stay in the same spot, but shop the items they're most interested in. It's maybe a subtle distinction, but with the goal to help them find their favorites, easily.

Simple customization

One of Big Cartel's strengths is that you can get your shop up and running very quickly. We wanted to keep the customization portion of Snacks really simple, so that you really only need to pick a typeface and a couple of colors and your shop will still feel like it has personality.

More features you'll love

  • Flexible for any product image size
  • Fun and friendly Maintenance Mode page
  • Product page slideshows on small screens
  • Varied page layouts so your eye never gets bored

Each of our themes, including this one, evolve out of a desire to make our themes feel artistic and unique. We try to give you options that feel distinctly different, and that are easy to make your own. You can get a taste in the demo store or chow down on Snacks in your admin.

Learn about Snacks and the other Big Cartel themes on our Themes page. To purchase any of the prints that you see in this demonstration store, visit Terrence Caviar.

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